Set custom Record Number

If you want to use different Record Numbers for Invoice/Accounts/Contacts based on some conditions, you could use this task.

This allows to set a increasing Number across differnet modules. Every number will be used only one time!

You could create multiple different “number sequences”.

The field Write in this field will set the field, which should contain the sequence. The field Number Row contains the name of the sequence. If you use two blocks with the same name, they will use the same sequence. You could choose the sequence also from a list of already existing sequences.

The next fields are only relevant if you want to create a new sequence. They are read only if you choose a existing one. The field Length of Number contains the complete length of the string. If the next sequence Number will be shorter, it will filled with leading zeros. The field nextID will contain the next used ID. (You could start for example on 1000) The field prefix of number will set the prefix, which will set before the Number and written in the field, too.

For example you could configure to create Record No like this:

Quote A R0001
Quote B R0002
Invoice A R0003
SalesOrder A R0004
Quote C R0005
SalesOrder B R0006
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