• Do you want to guide your employee to look at important fields/missing values?
  • Do you want to highlight rows/fields in ListView based on Conditions you set?
  • Do you want to use BBCode inside a field and parse the Output?

With this module you get all of these features! (To get full features in ListView, you need to install the EventHandler Module.)

You could do different crazy thinks with your fields/rows to show your users what they should change look at. The simplest feature will be to modify text-/backgroundcolor. For example you could format the background to red if a date was gone and the status wasn’t set to completed.

In Detail-, Edit-, Create- AND RelatedView you could configure every possible condition, which will be applied every time you open the record/view.

Additionally you could collapse/hide complete blocks, if a condition is true or false and automatically toggle visibility if values are changed

Demo Video in vtigerCRM 6.0:

This Extension gives you the following features:

  • formatting fields/labels/rows, depending on other field values
  • Hide/Collapse/Expand Blocks
  • Set various combined Conditions for every setting
  • include Icons before or after a value
  • enable BBCode Parser for every field
  • powered by Extendible BBCode Parser from patorjk.com
  • for example allows the input of special linktexts for urls in the form
  • You could change the following style attributes of every text:
    • Background color
    • Text color
    • Text font
    • Text Alignment
    • Border
    • Font weight

Limitations of ListView

The Colorizer could only use fields in conditions, which are shown in the filter and are no referenced fields, like assigned_to.
For example if your CustomView shows the fields “firstname, lastname, street, email”, every configuration which will check the field phone won’t applied.

To make use of this additional feature, you need to setup the EventHandler module. This will allow other modules to interact with Core-Functions in many ways.

Check out the DEMO, before you buy.

With the license you will get free updates for 365 days and a special low price for renewal.

One license could be used in one live and one development system and is valid for an unlimited number of CRM users!

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