Show notification on record

To use this task you need to activate the sidebar in the module!

This block allows you to give a feedback to the user after a workflow was executed.

Message type select the type(color) of this message (Hint / Success / Error)
Message title The title of this message
Message The message content
show only once If you check this box, the notification will only be shown once to the next user which view a record.
Mostly the executing user
Show every time until You could define, until this the notification will shown. Only admins could be remove such crated notification from a record
position on which position did you want to show the message
assign message If you assign the message to the record, it only would be shown on the current record. Otherwise the user will see this message regardless the opened page.

You could also add a notification to another record you could select by ID. Use the last text field for this.

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