Set Value

  • could change values of records
  • You could generate the values you want to set with 3 opportunities:
    • static value (Default)
      The value will be generated by the default template textbox
    • function
      You could create a custom expression, which returns the new field value. This function needs to be valid custom expression code. You could also use custom expressions in the static values box, but need to use <?php return <expression>; ?> there.
    • fieldvalue
      Load the new value of the field from another field from this or a related record

If you want to create a Relation between two records, you need to set the ID of the other record.


You want to create a Contact from Organization and want to set the “Organization” Field to the current Organization. You only need to set the field “Organization name” to “$id” (not $accountname). All available ID's are listed on top of the Drop Down List you get on the blue icon next to the text field. (ID of current Record)

This works for all linked fields and also fields inside Projects, Tickets, Events,.. where you could choose between different modules.

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