Redirect User to a custom URL

This task could redirect the User to a custom URL or a PDF, which was generated by a PDFMaker Template.

If you execute this task from the sidebar, you also have the possibility to open this URL in a Popup.

If you define a custom URL you could use all values from the currenct Record, like in other Text fields to generate individual URLs.

The executing User will be redirected to these URL not directly after this block, but after the Workflow was completed or delayed.


This means no more Workflow will be executed after the current one! Also possible other modules will be “kicked” if you use this function. The current structure of vtigerCRM don’t allow another way to integrate this feature.

Also if you redirect to a PDF after a user saved a record, the User will stick on the DetailView, because the redirection to the DetailView must be overwritten with the one to the PDF.

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