This task allows you to insert one or more delays into your workflows, which pause the execution until a given date/time will be reach.

You could combine multiple of this options, to use this universally

  • Base Date
    • Use the date from this field as base date and apply all options to them
    • Dynamically updated base date means, the delay will be updated if you modify the field, which was selected as base date. So you could wait a period of time, which could be defined by users and could be modified after the delay was initiated
  • minimum delay
    • This Option guarantee a minimum wait time if you never want to act immediately
    • Also this is the default delay, if you simple want to wait 1 hour
    • you could set minutes/hours/days/weeks
  • wait until next …
    • this option wait until one selected day of week is reached
    • or wait until the given day of a month is reached
  • wait until time is
    • if you don’t want to continue this workflow before 8 o’clock, you can do this with this option. (Please pay attention to the UTC timezone)
  • wait until custom time
    • Here you could integrate your own custom function
    • You have to return an Unix Timestamp, which overwrite the base date (All other options will be applied to this date, too!)

If you want to wait until a field has a configured value, please combine the features of delay and conditions. (For example if you want to wait until a checkbox was set)

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