send eMail

  • could send an email to one or multiple receivers with all default mail options
  • Also you could add one or multiple attachments from different places.
    • Results from the following modules: PDFMaker and SQLReports
    • attach every Document related to the current record
    • attach a file from a url, you could generate also from field values
    • in Documents module: attach the current file

Store Mail to

From version 600.07 you could specify the record, a mail should be stored.

If you send a quote to a lead, you probably want to see inside the Lead Record, which Mails was send to the lead. This could be done with this field. You could easily specify a crmid, to which this mail will be stored. For example:

$crmid Will store the mail in every module to the current one (Leave empty will have the same effect)
$account_id Inside Quotes module, will store the mail to the ID from the account_id field. (The Organization of the Quote)

You must leave this field empty or set a correct ID of a record. If you set a wrong value, the mail WILL NOT BE SEND. If you are not sure, what to do, leave this field empty!

Integrate Access Tracker

Use this checkbox only, if you really work with the the values of accessed mails. Sometimes a 1×1 counter image will be interpreted as spam category.


The complete SMTP dialogue will be written in the statistic log, to give you the change to see, why a mail wasn't send


If you want to insert Mail Templates into the Mail Content, you only need to select the template on top of the content field. You could insert the mailcontent from the task configuration into the template if you insert the $mailtext variable in the template.

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