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 +====== Show notification on record ======
 +<WRAP center round tip>
 +To use this task you need to activate the sidebar in the module!
 +This block allows you to give a feedback to the user after a workflow was executed.
 +| Message type | select the type(color) of this message (Hint / Success / Error) |
 +| Message title | The title of this message |
 +| Message | The message content |
 +| show only once | If you check this box, the notification will only be shown once to the next user which view a record.\\ Mostly the executing user |
 +| Show every time until | You could define, until this the notification will shown. Only admins could be remove such crated notification from a record |
 +| position | on which position did you want to show the message |
 +| assign message | If you assign the message to the record, it only would be shown on the current record. Otherwise the user will see this message regardless the opened page. |
 +You could also add a notification to another record you could select by ID. Use the last text field for this.
 +{{ :​en:​start:​tasks:​record_management:​notification.jpg?​nolink|}}