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 +===== Troubleshooting =====
 +**What you can to, if your workflow don't work.**
 +To see, what was happen during one execution, you could use the [[en:​start:​statistics|Statistic Tool]]. This tool show the way records take in this workflow.
 +If an eMail won't be send, you could see a detailed SMTP Log in every Mail task, which was entered in Statistics view. \\
 +To get this, **1. click on a path in the workflow**, which the record you want to check has taken, before the problem. \\
 +This will open a list with all records, which had taken this path, in the left sidebar. (If there are many record, this could load some seconds)
 +To view a single record, **click on the » next to the record**, you want to check. This will show how the record walk through the workflow. \\
 +If you now double click on a block, you could see additional information for this single execution of this block. \\
 +In case of sendmail, you see the complete SMTP Log.
 +Also you could configure an mail Address, which will receive error messages, which happen during executions. \\
 +This could be done in the “Log Management” settings page on Workflow Designer overview.