Generate Recordlist

This block only works in combination with a “global Search” or a “exists related record” Block, because it could transform the results of these blocks to a html list you could include in E-Mails or into a PDFMaker Template.

The configuration is easy.

Records are in Module Here you must select the same modules, like you did in he “global Search” or “exists related record”
Environment ID Here you must enter the same ID, like you did in he “global Search” or “exists related record”

At least add fields you want to have in the list. Different to other field selects, you could add a value “Link to the Record”, which should be self-explaining.

Integration of PDFMaker

You get in the configuration window the code you could add into a PDFMaker Template.

There are one additional limitations for this. This code only works during this workflow execution. (The Template didn't work externally or in other workflows, without a “generate recordlist” block)

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