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 +====== Save PDFMaker Template ======
 +<WRAP center tip>
 +This task requires the PDFMaker extension from ITS4you.
 +You could save an Invoice PDF in the Documents module with this record.
 +| **Document title** | The Title of the new Documents record |
 +| **Document description** | The description of this new Documents record (optional) |
 +| **Folder** | Choose a folder, which you want to use to store the file |
 +| **PDF Template** | Which PDF Template you want to save |
 +| **overwrite Filename** | You could manually generate a filename, which overwrite the one you configured in PDFMaker. Keep empty to use the PDFMaker Filename |
 +| **create relationship** | Do you want to link the new Documents Record to the current record? (mostly yes) |
 +| **force execution with this record** | Do you want to execute a Documents Workflow on this new created Documents record? |