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 +{{ :​en:​start:​tasks:​record_management:​task_create_comment.png?​nolink|}}
 +====== Create Comment ======
 +This Task allows you to automatically create comments in the executed or a related entity.
 +====== Process Example ======
 +  * add a comment to Contacts if you change some values
 +  * add a comment to the Organization if you interact with a Contact from this company
 +  * add a Comment to the Organization if you send a reminder for an invoice
 +==== Custom IDs ====
 +You could choose "​custom"​ as record ID to show a textfield, which could be used to generate the record ID, which will be used for comment creation.
 +This textfield could also generate a comma separeted list of record IDs. Every ID will be used to create an equal comment.