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 +====== Redirect User to a custom URL ======
 +This task could redirect the User to a custom URL or a PDF, which was generated by a PDFMaker Template.
 +If you execute this task from the sidebar, you also have the possibility to open this URL in a Popup.
 +If you define a custom URL you could use all values from the currenct Record, like in other Text fields to generate individual URLs.
 +The executing User will be redirected to these URL not directly after this block, but after the Workflow was completed or delayed.
 +<WRAP important>​
 +=== CAUTION! ===
 +This means no more Workflow will be executed after the current one!
 +Also possible other modules will be “kicked” if you use this function. ​
 +The current structure of vtigerCRM don’t allow another way to integrate this feature.
 +Also if you redirect to a PDF after a user saved a record, the User will stick on the DetailView, because the redirection to the DetailView must be overwritten with the one to the PDF.