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 +===== SOAP Extension =====
 +There is an Extension available to create SOAP operations, which will trigger Workflows from Workflow Designer. \\
 +This give you the opportunity to use Workflows from your external Application.
 +You are also able to transfer parameters and use them in your Workflow. \\
 +In the first version there is no option to get a response with information from Vtiger for your Application. \\
 +This will implemented within the next update, together with the option to send files.
 +[[https://​shop.stefanwarnat.de/​wp-content/​plugins/​download-monitor/​download.php?​id=14|Download Module file]]
 +==== Documentation ====
 +=== Setup ===
 +Install the extension in the Module Manager of VtigerCRM.
 +=== Usage ===
 +This module integrate itself into the Vtiger own SOAP Webservice. You need to have a valid login, which should be done before you send the operation. \\
 +To add a new operation, go to “Workflow Designer SOAP” in your CRM Settings and create an operation. You could set a description,​ choose a workflow to be executed and set a custom operation name after a random prefix. \\
 +The operation will always be from request type POST. \\
 +All parameter you send to the operation by POST will be available in the Environment variable **$env[“parameter”]**.
 +The Workflow will be executed without a record by default. So you cannot use any default field variable. \\
 +If you submit a parameter crmid, you specify the record, which the Workflow Designer should use for this.
 +=== Example ===
 +// The SOAP Operation must have this name. You must specify your operation name
 +$operationName = "​81e4a_leadrequest"​
 +// This example will transfer 3 parameter to the workflow
 +// Login before and store the Session ID in the variable $sessionId
 +$response = post($endpointUrl."?​operation="​.$operationName."&​sessionName="​.$sessionId,​
 +    array(
 +        '​firstname'​ => '​Stefan',​
 +        '​lastname'​ => '​Warnat',​
 +        '​email'​ => '​email@stefanwarnat.de'​
 +        )
 +Now you could create a workflow which access the variable $env[“parameter”][“firstname”] to get the firstname and similar to access lastname and email. The maximum transportable content depend on your vtiger webserver config. Per default it is set to 2048 KB (2 MB).