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 +===== Execution: Local with PHP  =====
 +<WRAP center tip 100%>
 +2016-05-08: Updated to latest and easiest version
 +You could execute a workflow manually in your own vtigerCRM extension or PHP file. \\
 +You only need the following PHP Code:
 +// The ID of the Workflow you want to execute
 +$workflow_id = 1;
 +// The user, which will be used for execution
 +$executionUserId = 1;
 +// Specify a CRMID if you want to execute the record in context of this record. (Important for field values)
 +$crmid = false;
 +$wfExecuter = new \Workflow\Execute();​
 +if(!empty($crmid)) {
 +   ​$wfExecuter->​setRecord($crmid);​
 +// Set the $env Variable, which is initially available in Workflow
 +$wfExecuter->​setEnvironment(array("​variable"​ => "​value",​ "​variable2"​ => "​value2"​));​
 +// If you have created your own trigger to execute multiple workflows, you could use the following function
 +// Notice: Handling of configuration in Settings will be improved in future versions of Workflow Designer
 +// $wfExecuter->​runByTrigger("​TriggerKey"​);​